How I Started


Back in 2008...

my knee surgery kept me glued to the couch and in front of the TV. Watching repeats of Full House became boring, so I tried finding programs that entertained one of my interests: baking. When I stumbled across Ace Of Cakes on Food Network, I was captivated. I enjoyed baking, but I had never seen what Duff and his artists were able to create with cake. Their base was sheet cake, but they made sculptures based off of people, cars, and movies. That, and they did it all without adding drama (unlike any other show on TV). Their desserts were detailed, precise, and innovative. The "fondant" they used made any cake an empty canvas.  I knew I had to try.

2013-03-24 11.02.49.jpg

My first cake was rough: the buttercream didn't crust, the marshmallow fondant was droopy, the cake crumbled, and the kitchen was a disaster. All in all, I loved it. With the help of Cake Central, YouTube, and trial-and-error, my newfound interest is now a hobby I can't live without. Best of all, an activity I get to share with everyone else. 

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